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PinLite Led

PinLite Led
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Coemar - PinLite Led

The smaller version of the ParLite Led available with a different LED source: • Fixed white (3200 K or 5600 K) • Variable white (from 2700 K to 6500 K) • Dynamic color mixing (RGB) Electronic dimmer, electronic strobe, flicker-free operation. Double yoke for easy ground standing or easy truss hanging. Variable beam angles due to quickly interchangeable optics (12°, 30°, 13° x 40°, 50°, 110°). Conventional cooling, no fans, ideal for broadcast and theatre installation. Weatherproof rating IP20 or IP65. AMG International è il leader nel settore rental di materiale audiovisivo. Con sedi a Roma e Milano lavoriamo su tutto il territorio nazionale.
Coemar-PinLite Led-Proiettori, Par e Barre Led

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