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Elaton - EPV762 MH

The dynamic EPV762 MH is a high resolution SMD LED display panel mounted on a moving yoke pan/tilt base. With seperate inputs for video and pan/tilt control, designers can create dynamic moving LED video displays or use them as moving digital signage. Ideal for portable applications, this unit provides a unique bright and creative way to display your video content.

- High Resolution LED Moving Head Video Panel
- Endless and innovative design options
- High Contrast Levels and extreme brighness
- Wide Viewing Angle (H 135° / V 110°)
- High Refresh Rates For Flicker-Free Performance
- 7.62mm Pitch SMD LEDs
- Fast Pan/Tilt Movement, DMX controlled

- 3-in-1 RGB SMD LED, Epistar type 3528
- Long Life LED (rated at 100,000 Hours)
- 7.62mm Pixel Pitch
- 2000 Nits brightness
- Frame Size 488mm x 488mm x 80mm
- Refresh Rate ≥2400Hz
- Contrast ratio ≥8192:1
- 16bit Processing Depth
- 4096 pixels (64 x 64) Pixels per Panel
- 17222 pixel per square meter
- Scanning Rate 300Hz
- Viewing angle: H145°/V110°
- Minimum Viewing distance: 6m
- Ethercon In/Out Data Connnectors
- Powercon In/Out Power link
- Operating temperature: -20 C to +50 C
- Operating humidity: 5%-95%
- 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz (Multi-voltage)
- Power consumption maximal: 350W
- Average power consumption: 230W
- Weight: 24 kg
- 6 DMX channel
- Movement 540°/630° PAN 265° TILT, 16 bit
- 7 built-in movement programs
- Software upload for basement with optinal E-Loader via DMX
- 3-pin and 5-Pin XLR serial input/output
- 2 x 1/4 turn fastening Omega Clamps
- Incl. 0,4m and 1m power & signal cable for horizontal or vertical connection

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