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Shure - AXT630

The AXT630 Axient Antenna Distribution Amplifier delivers ultra linear amplification and precision filtering for optimal performance in even the most difficult RF environments. The AXT630 features selectable 60 MHz input filters that match the available frequency bands of Axient transmitters, providing extra protection from strong out-of-band signals and a lower overall RF noise floor. Four BNC antenna output pairs distribute filtered signal to receivers, and an unfiltered RF cascade port is included to connect wideband devices like the Axient Spectrum Manager. Networkable via Ethernet connection, the AXT630 enables WWB6 control of filtering ranges, antenna power and attenuation.


RF Optimization

  • Ultra-linear distribution amp handles high signal levels without distortion.
  • Selectable input filtering provides system-wide protection against strong out-of-band signals.
  • Filter ranges are matched to Axient transmitter bands.
  • Wideband filtering option covers multiple bands.
  • Up to 15 dB selectable RF attenuation for signal-to-noise optimization.


  • Front panel interface and WWB6 control provides easy setup and control of filtering, antenna power and attenuation.
  • BNC outputs: 4 antenna output pairs.
  • Unfiltered RF cascade port with selectable 3 dB make-up gain for connecting wideband devices.
  • Ethernet networking: 2 PoE-enabled Ethernet ports.
  • IEC in/out power ports enable daisy-chaining of AC power.
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