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Vector Red

Vector Red
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The firstborn console in the Vector family. Compulite Vector Red console provides the ultimate power to deal with any lighting program challenges, easy and fast. The reach keypad panel with the high quality buttons, motorized faders and the multi-touchscreens, turns the programming very intuitive, simple and fun. 32 DMX-512 Universes 8 integrated DMX-512 output ports 2 Integrated DMX-512 input ports Dedicated A/B playback faders 20 playback motorized faders (5 pages) 20 playback Q-keys (5 pages) Dedicated Pan / Tilt Illuminated 50mm Trackball 5 parameters wheel encoders page-able Dedicated vertical dimmer wheel 3 integrated 12.1” LCD touch-screens 3 additional external video outputs 2 Ethernet 1G ports MIDI / MSC port SMPTE Timecode port Audio port 3 USB 2.0 ports 2 Desk-Light ports DVD/CD-RW drive 9999 Groups 9999 Presets 9999 Macros 9999 Snaps (pages) 9999 Cue Lists AMG International è il leader nel settore rental di materiale audiovisivo. Con sedi a Roma e Milano lavoriamo su tutto il territorio nazionale.
Compulite - Vector Red - Console

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