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lightware - DVI-OPT-TX110

Small form factor DVI fiber extender SingleFiberTechnology – Zero delay

The DVI‑OPT‑TX110 is a DVI to fiber transmitter transmitting up to a 2500 m distance. The
new, redesigned housing and ports of these units further enhances operation safety and security.

The DVI-OPT-TX/RX110 pair is a DVI to fiber optical extender set for up to 2500 m range. Using Single Fiber Technology the DVI-D signal is transmitted over only one multimode 50/125 fiber core. Sources and display devices are galvanically isolated against ground loops and hum effects. No delay occurs in the signal, the video image is transferred without frame latency. 

With Lightware's hybrid modular matrix concept, it is possible to connect these extender units directly to the matrix router using an MX-DVI-OPT series input or output board.

Powered from the DVI source, the DVI-OPT-TX/RX110 transmitters do not need external power adaptor simplifying system installation.

Recessed thumbscrews allow easy mounting directly to DVI receptacle by hand, or by using a flat-blade screwdriver. This is most useful in space constraint applications, where the connectors are too close, and can be reached only from the rear side. Massive solid aluminum casing provides excellent cooling and maximum reliability.


  • Professional AV systems, conference rooms
  • Fixed installations, Rental and Staging
  • Digital signage
  • Long distance lossless DVI signal transmission
  • Ground loop isolation
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