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Carpet Crawler

Carpet Crawler
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The Smoke Factory Carpet Crawler is a CO2 based fog cooler, which can also be supplied as a ready-to-use touring combo including a Data II fog machine. Detailed information is available at Equipped as standard with 5-pin DMX512 inputs/outputs and an analog 3-pin connection, the Carpet Crawler can be controlled via DMX, radio remote control or cable remote control. In addition, the Carpet Crawler has an Ethernet port via which the device can be controlled with ArtNet or sACN. The 3 necessary channels can be set intuitively via the touch display and the fogging process can be started very easily. All settings for the personal profiles, the timer or the addressing of the DMX 512 channel, the ArtNet or sACN interface can also be easily set via the display. Of course the Carpet Crawler, like almost all Smoke Factory fog machines, can also be operated in stand-alone mode or with the integrated timer. Like all Smoke Factory devices, the Carpet Crawler has a quick release system that allows the canister to be changed within seconds. The Carpet Crawler is available as a solo cooler unit, can be delivered in a case, if a fog machine is already available, or as a complete set with a Data II fog machine installed in the case. Each version contains the 5 m CO2 hose for connection to the CO2 bottle and the 10 m fogging hose. The use of high-quality materials guarantees a long service life of the device. In order to be able to use the device effectively and to maintain the long lifetime, only the Crawling Fog should be used! With this ground mist fluid you get the best effect, as it creates a dense white mist that dissolves quickly enough before it gets warm and would rise. If original fluid is used, we grant 3 years warranty on our devices. Of course: Made in Germany AMG International è il leader nel settore rental di materiale audiovisivo. Con sedi a Roma e Milano lavoriamo su tutto il territorio nazionale.
Smoke Factory - Carpet Crawler - Macchine per effetti

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